Web Index 2013 auglýsir eftir íslenskum blaðamönnum í verkefni







Juan Guillen, verkefnisstjóri hjá 2013 Web Index, sendi póst á ICIJ en þeim vantar íslenska blaðamenn til að vinna í Web Index 2013. Um er að ræða launað verkefni. Allar nánari upplýsingar er að finna á heimasíðu á 2013 Web Index. Áhugasamir geta líka sent póst á; juan.guillen@globalintegrity.org

Um Web Index 2013:

Global Integrity is embarking on a partnership with the World Wide Web Foundation to prepare the 2013 Web Index.  The Web Index is the first multi-dimensional measure of the Web’s use, utility and impact. In 2012, the Web Index covered 61 developed and developing countries, incorporating indicators that assess the political, economic and social impact of the Web; in 2013 coverage will be increased to roughly 80 countries.  The Web Index is a tool that helps advocates and policy analysts draw upon actionable measures to identify impediments and track improvements in Web access and affordability.  The Web Index also helps inform decision-makers and regulators as to what changes can be made to Web governance in country to help achieve greater and more sustainable development outcomes.

This effort will require a global team of reporters and reviewers around the world to conduct original research and data gathering that will feed into the final 2013 Web Index.



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