ICIJ Conference 2013

The Icelandic Center for Investigative Journalism is hosting it´s 2nd annual conference on investigative journalism the 6th. of April 2013 at Icelandair Hotel Reykjavík Natura.

Please note that the program is subject to change. For information or to register for the ICIJ conference 6th of April 2013, please contact the program manager for ICIJ, Brynja Dögg Friðriksdóttir; icij@hi.is / tel: +354 525 5435 / +354 845 8994.

8:45     Registration

09:00   Opening session 

9:15   Ideas, obstacles and methods – Winner of Icelandic Press Association Award for best investigative journalism 2012 and nominees.

Winner Jóhann Bjarni Kolbeinsson, RÚV, for two news stories. The first one revealed that in 2011, Shell in Iceland sold 11.000 tonnes of fertilizer which contained three times the legal amount of cadmium, a toxic chemical element. The second story revealed that one of the largest food production firms in Iceland, Ölgerðin, had been selling industrial salt as food graded salt to more than 90 of the largest food production companies in Iceland for more than 13 years. Jóhann Bjarni worked as news reporter at RÚV from march 2011 until August 2012, but he will return to RÚV this summer. Prior to RÚV, that he worked as a journalist at Morgunblaðið newspaper from 2005 – 2009. He has a BA degree in political science from University of Iceland and he is currently doing a MA degree in business and management at Uppsala University in Sweden. At the conference, he will talk about the news he received awards for, via SKYPE from Sweden.

Nominee Andri Ólafsson, Channel 2, for his news about the financial problems of EIR; an old folks home in Reykjavík.

Nominee Jóhannes Kr. Kristjánsson, TV programme Kastljós on RÚV, for his news on unpublished and critical reports by The Icelandic National Audit Office about the state ´s account system and financial management of the system.

10:30 Coffee break

11:00 Páll Hilmarsson, freelance data journalist on methods for data journalism

12:00 – 13:00 Lunch break

 13:00 – Nils Hanson, Uppdrag Granskning/SVT, ABC of Investigative Journalism

Nils Hanson is the editor in chief of Uppdrag Granskning (Mission Investigate) at public service company Swedish Television (SVT). The TV-program is aired prime time one hour a week, 45 times  a year and has published many investigations with international impact. The program has in recent years won the American IRE Award, Prix Europa and many international prizes. Hanson, a former award winning investigative reporter, has 35 people working with him, producing the show. Nils has many years of extensive experience in undertaking and managing advanced investigations. He regularly teaches investigative methods at conferences for investigative journalism in Sweden and abroad and has written a book on the subject. In his presentation Hanson will give you concrete and useful tips in how to improve your investigative work, from checking the idea and proving your story to  confrontation and fact checking.

14:00 – Harald Birkevold and Hans Petter Aass, Stavanger Aftenblad, The Norwegian oil and gas industry

Harald Birkevold has worked as the head the Investigative Unit at Stavanger Aftenblad since 2007. Before that he was the manager of the Energy/Business department at the paper. Harald has worked for 9 years as a oil & gas and finance/business reporter. He is currently writing a book on the European financial crisis and its consequences for youth in different European countries. At the conference, Harald will give an overview of the oil & gas industry in Norway as well as the work and methods of the Investigative Unit.

Hans Petter Aass has been working as a reporter in Aftenbladet’s Investigative Unit since 2011. Prior to that he was 17 years in Norway’s largest daily newspaper, VG. He has been working on projects covering all from corruption, organized crime to military matters. He has written two bestselling books – Dødsranet. David Toska and the road to Nokas (2009) and War hero. Inside secret Norway (2012) – with colleague Rolf J. Widerøe. At the conference, Hans Petter will talk about De glemte oljeofrene – the people who died while working in the Norwegian oil business.

15:00 – Coffee break

15:30 – Marit Higraff & Harald Eraker, NRKTainted Gold – The production of Omega- 3 Fish oil in Peru.

Marit Higraff has been working as journalist, TV-reporter, and host in different departments at NRK (Norwegian Broadcasting Corp) since 1993. She started to work in the Sports department, and here she made her first investigating stories in 1995. The last ten years, investigating journalism has been her main occupation and passion – as director of documentaries and reports, for instance for NRK Brennpunkt, and the consumerprogram FBI. Marit is currently working as an investigating journalist in the News Department in NRK – NRK Dagsrevyen.

Harald Eraker has been working as a journalist/researcher with documentary films for several departments in NRK (Norwegian Broadcasting Corp since 2007. He started to work as a journalist at NorWatch in 1995, investigating into the environmental and human rights records of Norwegian companies operating in Asia, Africa and South America. From 2001 he worked as an investigating journalist for the weekly news magazine Ny Tid until 2007. Currently Harald is working with documentary films at NRK Brennpunkt. At the conference, Harald will together with his colleague Marit Higraff give a lecture about the making of “Tainted Gold“, a documentary film about Norwegian companies involved in the destructive production of Omega-3 fish oil in Peru.

16:30 – Chris Woods, The Bureau of Investigative Journalism, London 

Chris Woods leads the Bureau’s covert war project. His work on drones has appeared in the Guardian, the Sunday Times, the Daily Telegraph, the Independent and the New Statesman, and he is a regular radio and TV contributor on the subject. For many years he was based at the BBC, working as a senior current affairs producer on flagship programmes Newsnight and Panorama.  More recently, he has written and directed major documentaries for Channel 4′s Dispatches and for Al Jazeera. Chris’s work was recently shortlisted for a Foreign Press Association award.

17:30 Conferance finishes. 


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